Tracking the Lockout Layoffs, team by team.

Posted on Tue 15 November 2011 in Lockout Coverage by Aaron McGuire

Hello, everyone. I was going to finish my CBA proposal analysis series with a post featuring a long angry rant about the disclaimer process and the general tenor of the negotiations. But I got roped into a discussion earlier with the imitable Mr. Swanson of Rufus on Fire (who, by the way, you should vote for here to get him a scholarship -- stand-up blogger, hilarious guy) in trying to determine how many people had been laid off by the lockout. Ever since May, I've been keeping a text file with references for the number of employees each team has been reported to have fired. I realized during that conversation that not everyone has been keeping close tabs on the labor situation, and there's a pretty good reason for that. Namely, nobody has actually posted a compilation of all collected sources on employees laid off team-by-team.

Consider this a compilation for that reason. After the jump, I've put together a table including every current source for layoffs on a team-by-team basis, along with our most recent update for the team in question, the number of layoffs reported for that team, and a few choice notes whenever applicable. I'll keep updating this throughout the lockout as we get wind of new layoffs, or as unreported layoffs get reported. Please don't hesitate to email us at if you have any news of further layoffs that we don't have yet, any more reliable sources to back up our general hodgepodge of news sites, or any anonymous tips for the teams we have no sources for. Or if you just like emailing people, I guess...?

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============ SOURCED LIST OF LOCKOUT LAYOFFS ============
           LAYOFFs  AS OF        NOTES
NBA HQ     >200     10.24.11     Approx 200 leaguewide layoffs OUTSIDE teams.
ATL           0     10.11.11     Confirmed zero.
BOS           ?        --        No source. Surrounding business layoffs, tho.
CHA           7     07.12.11     Includes their play by play guy.
CHI           0     10.31.11     Confirmed zero.
CLE           0     07.26.11     Confirmed zero.
DAL           0     11.02.11     Confirmed zero, with no plans for future layoffs.
DEN           ?        --        No source. Surrounding business layoffs, tho.
DET          15     07.12.11     Have laid off "at least" 15.
GSW           ?        --        No source.
HOU          13     11.21.11     Laid off a department of 13 sales execs last summer.
IND           3     08.09.11     Originally reported zero, then didn't re-up three key scouts.
LAC           1     11.18.11     Let go D.J. Foster, former Website Content Coordinator.
LAL          20     07.22.11     Includes assistant GM
MEM           7     09.21.11     Recently laid off 7.
MIA           0     10.05.11     Confirmed zero, however, all staff has taken a 25% pay cut.
MIL          20     08.20.11     Source says "close to" 20.
MIN         >11     11.25.11     Definitely more than 11, most likely >15. See 11/25 change log.
NJN           3     11.10.11     Source: anonymous former NJN employee I happen to know.
NYK           ?        --        No source.
NOH           ?        --        No source.
OKC           ?        --        No source.
ORL           ?        --        No source. Surrounding business layoffs, tho.
PHI           2     10.25.11     Only two scouts confirmed.
PHX           0     11.01.11     Confirmed zero.
POR           2     07.15.11     Only two confirmed.
SAC          11     05.14.11     Happened before the lockout in preparation for it.
SAS           ?        --        No source. Surrounding business layoffs, tho.
TOR           ?        --        No source.
UTA           0     07.18.11     Confirmed zero.
WAS           0     11.05.11     Confirmed zero.

A few housekeeping notes. First, in one of the more recent sources for the leaguewide layoffs, it mentions that the league has counted "almost 200" lost front office jobs among teams. This list accounts for 115 lost front office jobs. That means that, without question, most of the nine "no source" teams have probably laid off workers. And some of the teams with low layoff numbers most likely have laid off more than have been reported. Again, I appreciate any clarification anybody can offer as to sources for these team's labor dealings throughout the lockout and any updates that escape my view. Just drop me a line either through email or in the comments. The best way to get good data here is to crowdsource it. So, spread the link around, and don't hesitate to fix any faulty info here. Stay frosty, folks.


11/15 - List initially published. Zoinks!

11/18 - Updated to add the Clippers letting D.J. Foster go.

11/21 - Updated to add Rovell's find that the Rockets laid off 13 sales executives.

11/25 - A bit hard to sift through, but a new article declares that a 12 person T-Wolves broadcasting department has been cut from 12 people to 4 people over the last few months. Since the majority of the previously reported 11 were in sales, it stands to reason that of the 8 new layoffs at least a few of them are new. I've updated the Timberwolves number to reflect that we know it's greater than 11. If I had to guess. I'd put the intersection of these two sources at 15 or 16 confirmed layoffs.