The Difference: America Overwhelms Brazil

A few months back, our friend Kirk Henderson managed to score two tickets to yesterday's USA vs Brazil scrimmage in Washington D.C. Aaron would've tried to get a ticket as well, but he's on vacation in Arizona right now. Sucks! Anyway, Kirk wrote up a great eleven-point bulleted list in the style of Rob Mahoney's "The Difference", a set of posts where Mahoney gives one bullet of analysis to every point in the final margin. For your perusal, Kirk's Olympian-themed "The Difference," replete with photographs taken by Kirk from his enviably close seats.

  • Apparently, there are people out there who have little to no interest in international tournaments like the World Championships and Olympics. I do not understand these people at all. If you’re a diehard NBA fan like I am you can’t in good conscience normally root for most of the players who end up on Team USA -- the Olympics are the only place to root for these guys. Also, given that they often represent 12 of the most talented basketball players alive, they can elevate the sport to an art form. It’s beyond beautiful to watch in person.
  • As dominant as Team USA can be, basketball is a fantastic sport because on any given night, either team can win. Brazil came out with something to prove, and seemed excited at the chance to stop a faster, smaller Team USA by pounding the ball inside. Up 10 after one quarter, Brazil ran headfirst into a LeBron-shaped brick wall in the second quarter and only managed to only put up 5 points. Team USA continued to apply the heat in the 3rd and withstood a furious Brazilian rally to start the fourth and finally put the game away. Continue reading