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GG AfterHours Replay, Episode 02: ECF Game #5

Well, that was a game that happened. In today's replay of last night's postgame show, Alex Dewey and Aaron McGuire try to rationalize what they've just seen. This includes Alex Dewey's confusing attempt to explain a "complex algorithm" of color signals he made in our final attempts to do live game coverage, McGuire describing what it's like to edit a Dewey piece, and a stark examination of MOTOWN. Did I mention Motown? Motown. Motown. Mooooooootooooowwwwwnnnn. The postgame show begins at the 1:20 mark of this video. Please start there, unless you want to go through long periods of silent red screens. Thanks.

Perhaps even moreso than usual, please leave comments and thoughts. We don't like doing features in a vacuum, and we'd like to make this a fun little feature to tune into during the game when one of our readers needs a break from the usual drollery of the play-by-play and theĀ  studio team. Thanks in advance, and thanks for watching!

-- Aaron

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Aaron McGuire
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Aaron McGuire works as the lead mathematician and CTO for a small financial consulting firm in Richmond, VA. As a basketball writer, he's primarily known for Gothic Ginobili's 2012 Player Capsule series, where he wrote the equivalent of 1.5 Russian novels about every NBA player around. Nowadays, he writes a weekly column on whatever he damn well feels like.

2 thoughts on “GG AfterHours Replay, Episode 02: ECF Game #5

  1. Maybe would have been OK live, but watching through this again is really annoying because of the pauses. Simple half time show, then post game show would be more watchable after the fact. That or editing.

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