Juwan a Blog?: Intent & Index

As basketball bloggers on a basketball blog, we also love reading basketball bloggers on basketball blogs.  This feature explores and mercilessly reviews those blogs.  The reason for this is simple: Most of the blogs we love to read are either exceptional and literally noteworthy, or good in a lot of key ways and lacking in a couple others.  While some patterns are unavoidable even while knowing about them, in some sense knowing what problems cause blogs to be partially irritating, burnt-out, unreadable, or otherwise frustrating to read can help us avoid getting there with our own blog.  And maybe the blogs we review - good and bad - could even learn something from our analysis.  I'm not so presumptuous enough to think so, because a lot of these bloggers are way smarter than I am.  But hey, a lot of things I know I learned from mobs of people shouting dumb critiques of me.  As it just so happened, it turned out they were yelling at the madman behind me, charging at me with a knife.  Those ranting mobs saved my life that day.

We're calling the feature "Juwan A Blog?", which was one of our first ideas for the name of this blog itself.  The name is actually based on a (should-be-legendary) regular season Rose Garden game in which a patron brought a "Juwan a Hug?" sign to a Blazers game.  Now, being fans of Trey Kerby and his perfect "Chill Out, Juwan Howard" Chronicles (now mostly deprecated because of image hosting), both of us here at The Gothic Ginobili immediately realized that this "Juwan a Hug?" sign had simultaneously characterized both Blazers fans and Juwan Howard in one stroke of genius.  It was a scrappy, compassionate sign, it was partially the result of systematic team injuries and Juwan's durability, it was likable as a gesture, and it made Juwan Howard seem more likable - like a teddy bear or something.  Also, the sign gives a wink to Juwan Howard's shadow career that uses his scrappy charisma to seem like a more noble, almost intellectual enforcer. Yes, truly that sign said everything in the previous paragraph, in just nine letters.

  1. Wages of Wins
  2. Joe Posnanski's "Curiously Long Posts"
  3. Ball Don't Lie
  4. The Classical
  5. I Go Hard Now
Update: Juwan a Blog? has a new spinoff feature where we review books. Rather appropriately, we've entitled this feature Juwan a Book?