The Stats They Carried: Index

Believe it or not, we both have day jobs. Alex is a mathematician, while Aaron is a statistician. Being as we are both mathematically-inclined gentlefellows, we've got a particular interest in the statistical side of the NBA. In this section (named after Tim O'Brien's excellent Vietnam collection "The Things They Carried"), we endeavor to use our statistics for good, not evil. Most posts will include a link to the data behind them, making heavy use of Google Docs. Not much else to say -- please let us know if you have any particular statistical questions of note, as both of us love digging into the numbers and finding answers (or at least fragments of them) where there previously were only questions. Cheers.

  1. Who does a compressed season help? (Spreadsheet)
    A look at the effects of a compressed season, and specifically, what kinds of teams benefit from the different styles of play that the league adapted to during the shortened 1999 season.
  2. Get Like Gregg: one man's quest to relate coaching to injuries. (Spreadsheet)
    Quick glance into the general trends among coaches involving injuries per season -- what coaches oversee more injuries, what coaches oversee less, etc. Spoiler alert: Pop rules everything around me.
  3. Compression Effects: the Injuries of 2011, today! (Spreadsheet)
    A simplistic look at the effects of a compressed schedule on average injury length for players. For example's sake, all injuries suffered from December 25th to the end of the season from the 2011 season are translated to their counterparts in the 2012 schedule.
  4. Alex Learns Stats: Drawn and Quartered. (Spreadsheet)
    As a fun exercise in Alex's first statistical post for the Gothic, Alex calculates how many wins each team would win or lose if Commissioner Stern voided all of the play that occurred in individual quarters during the 2011 playoffs. Features graphs!