Shades of Willis Reed: Intent & Index

This feature is less a regular thing and more a "wow, this is pretty awesome, let's make a post about it" kind of deal. The basic intent is pretty simple. Willis Reed was an incredible badass when he was in the league. He was "the effing badass kid", as Dr. McNinja would say. While the most comparable player in the league today would probably be Manu, Steve Nash, or Kobe, quite a few players have moments of ineffable grit and spunk worthy of Reed's name. (No, I don't think Rondo's injury was one of them, but that's not really a subject for today.) This section is a chance for us to highlight those moments when we see them, or highlight past instances of them.

... well, given the lockout, mostly just past instances.


  1. Ty Lawson vs Duke. (10/27/2011)