Eye on the Classics: Intent and Index

This feature may not last particularly long. The main reason we're doing it is because there's no season, yet, and without a season, all of us miss basketball. There's nothing new to analyze, and no gameplans to second guess. No feats of unexpected athletic brilliance to gawk at, no game-based trash talking, no nightly perusal of the standings, no nothing.

But what's the second best thing to a current NBA season? A bevy of classic NBA games, we figure. So instead of analyzing current games that don't yet exist, we'll analyze past games and prior players we didn't necessarily have the pleasure of seeing in person. The real intent here is a bit fuzzy -- the features themselves will be one part rumination on the legacies of the players involved, one part game analysis, one part comparing the leagues of the past to the leagues of today, and one part meandering observation of games long past.

Along the way we also hope to offer some game clips from the games we're watching. While we can't provide the full game in most cases, we can provide enough to get a taste, and hopefully that helps our readers stave off the sickness of our lost season. At least for a little while. Games with the date in red include Youtube links to the full game.

  1. 12/24/1984: Bernard King drops 60, and the myths of MSG. (Aaron)
  2. 11/21/1995: Jordan takes on the Triple J, Wins (Alex)
  3. 04/30/1980: Showtime rises, Sonics fall (Aaron)
  4. 05/07/1995: Retro-Liveblog: Rockets @ Jazz, Game 5, 1995 1st rd (Alex & Aaron)
  5. 12/29/2006: Kobe drops 58 on the hapless Bobcats who actually win in triple OT (Alex)
  6. 05/04/1994: Throw a Slam Dunk, Barkley (Alex)
  7. 01/22/2006: Where the Fox Knows Many Things... (Alex)