Player Capsules: Intent & Index

Without basketball to occupy my mind, this summer was a bit long. Sure, I had a lot of other stuff going on -- I graduated college, presented at JSM, started a new job, moved to a new city, bought a car, spent a week at a beach -- by any actual metric of productivity or what occupied me through my days, I had an incredibly busy and productive summer that really didn't have room for much else. Despite this, I felt it was lacking hoops, a bit. Around the middle of the summer, someone at a website I frequent made a joke facetiously asking any user of the site to make a topic commenting on all 400-something players in the NBA. Late one night with nothing to do, I started it. With naught but a randomized list and a ridiculously arbitrary goal I charged forth. It took a few months and I only finished about 300 players when all was said and done, but I mostly succeeded -- I created a series of posts highlighting almost every player in the NBA.

This feature is basically a highly edited and improved version of that very long series of posts. The point of the posts vary greatly, and I can't particularly point to any one intent other than to help people get to know every player in the league. The rough form of the posts tends to be a short scouting report, my opinion on the player, how he stacks up to his contemporaries, and a few interesting things about him you may not have known. I won't pretend to be a font of all knowledge on anyone but Tim Duncan -- for players I wasn't really 100% sure about (either due to not having seen him much or not paying attention to him much) I usually dug up old game film and sources around the internet to help me get a decent understanding of their games. Overall, these are one man's opinion about a whole lot of basketball players -- I'm sure most everyone will be able to find a few points of contention, but hopefully, you can at least see where I'm coming from when it's all said and done.

From now until I finish every player in the league as of closing day 2011 (and then some -- I see you, Shaq), I'm dropping these at a rate of 3 or so small to mid-sized capsules or 1 gigantic capsule per day -- as they're relatively long they take a bit of time to edit. I'll try to keep it to about 2000-3000 words per post, or around there. Hopefully they're an enjoyable feature for anyone who happened upon our site. If you have any pressing disagreements with any of these posts, let it be known in the comments -- I watch them, and if I truly did demonstrably miss the ball on something, I'm not the kind of ass who's too proud of his mistakes to correct them. Enjoy.

     001: Joakim Noah, Shawn Marion, John Salmon
     002: Antawn Jamison, Glen Davis, Carl Landry
     003: Kevin Durant
     004: Danny Granger, J.R. Smith, Nate Robinson
     005: Derrick Favors, Andrew Bynum, Jrue Holiday
     006: Kevin Garnett
     007: Andray Blatche, Hasheem Thabeet, Kyle Lowry
     007: Ryan Anderson, Lamar Odom, Samardo Samuels
     008: Luis Scola, Corey Maggette, Shane Battier
     009: Ronny Turiaf, Trevor Booker, Pooh Jeter
     010: Elliot Williams, Delonte West, Ben Wallace
     011: Armon Johnson, Marc Gasol, Peja Stojakovic
     012: Brandon Roy (a Tribute)